a prayer (2013)

for female voice, oboe/english horn, bass clarinet, bassoon, baritone saxophone, trombone

Poetry by Joseph Addison

Duration: ca. 6'

Premiere: TBC Concert Series ::: October 2013 ::: Boston, MA

                  Christina Pecce, soprano

                  Jeralee Johnson, oboe/english horn

                  Emily Pecoraro, bass clarinet

                  Daniel Beilman, bassoon

                  Karen Cubides, baritone saxophone

                  David Arboleda, trombone

Performance History:

  • Graduate Recital ::: April 2014 ::: Boston, MA


a prayer sets the popular ‘Now I lay me down to sleep’ in an ominous landscape of floating textures and uneasy dissonances. As the voice yearns for purity, the brooding ensemble envelopes the voice and strives to drain its soul through the use of repetitive fragmented gestures and a lulling sense of deceptive calm.

Prayer 1 website.jpeg

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