Marc Hoffeditz is a composer and musical storyteller searching to balance the humors of pathos, sarcasm, and vulnerability. Living in the Boston area, his recent work has focused on dramatic vocal music, culminating in a variety of chamber operas and long form concert works. His music has been featured by NANOWorks Opera, One Ounce Opera, Rhymes with Opera, Hartford Opera Theatre, and the New York Opera Fest.


He is currently a member of the Advanced Writers Lab with the New Opera and Music Theatre Initiative (NOMTI), adapting the play Grindr (and other concerns) by Boston playwright MJ Halberstadt into an opera. Marc has received degrees from the Boston Conservatory and Christopher Newport University, studying with Andy Vores, Marti Epstein, Dalit Warshaw, and Christopher Cook. He currently leads a double life as a composer and library assistant.