Aubade (2016)

for tenor, horn, and string orchestra

Commissioned by The Janvs Project and the Boston Conservatory Entrepreneurial Grant Program

Text by Emily Dickinson

Duration: ca. 25'

Premiere: The Janvs Project ::: February 2016 ::: Boston, MA

                  Wes Hunter, tenor

                  Nick Auer, horn

                  Daniel Mahoney, conductor


The rising sun of a new day brings many sensations: the chirps of robins, the smell of fresh brewed coffee, the inevitable dread of rush hour traffic, and the endless battle with the snooze button. Aubade explores these joys and tribulations of the transition from night into day. Originally a genre of medieval France, an aubade is a love song lamenting the coming of the day, alerting illicit lovers to return home. Utilizing the poetry of Emily Dickinson, multiple attempts are made to resist the rising sun, but the reality of time and the responsibilities we have to address are unescapable.

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