Bikini Lieder (2015)

for mezzo-soprano, flute quintet, and string ensemble

Text by Arabella Anderson

Duration: ca. 17'

Premiere: Professional Studies Certificate Recital ::: April 2015 ::: Boston, MA


With poetry in the style of the late Anne Sexton, Bikini Lieder investigates the frustration, discomfort, and temptations of high summer swimsuit season. Incorporating elements of empathetic melodrama, the narrator navigates the difficulties of searching for a swimsuit, only to be continually disappointed in the options. This search for the perfect match invokes a reflection on her life, miserably lost in a crowded world of spandex and lycra, trying to find a place to feel confident and accepted.

Text: 'Anne Sexton Summer Bikini Tips' by Arabella Anderson

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