Bravura (2014)

for solo violin OR dancing violinist

Written for Dillon Robb

Duration: ca. 6'


Dillon Robb Senior Recital ::: March 2015 ::: Boston, MA

Performance History:

King’s Chapel Concert Series ::: May 2018 ::: Boston, MA

Ball State University New Music Festival ::: March 2018 ::: Muncie, IN

TBC Composer Recital Series ::: April 2015 ::: Boston, MA


Bravura deals with the perks and perils of rhapsodic and virtuosic performance. Eventually realizing that flashy and intensive material isn’t necessarily the most interesting or important aspect of a composition, the performer comes to terms with identifying what elements in a piece of music really matter. The performer must navigate several conflicts through the piece: musician vs. instrument, musician vs. audience, intention vs. expectation. All of these combine to create a unique dramatic scenario.

The primary material consists of two main sections and a cadenza. The main sections alternate in a mechanical fashion with changing proportions and rhythmic gestures. No longer being able to handle the monotony of this cyclic motion, the performer breaks into the cadenza, further trying to prove their technical ability to the audience. The cadenza ends with a return to the original cycles, yet the material has been affected by this consistent need to prove self-worth. The music transforms this previously mechanical material into more melodic phrases, trying to shape some meaning and purpose into the extensive struggle toward virtuosity.

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