Grindr (and other concerns) (2019) - in progress

chamber opera


Brandon ::: Tenor

Riley ::: Baritone

Eugene ::: Baritone

Paul ::: Bass-baritone

Instrumentation: Bb clarinet, piano, percussion, cello

Duration: ca. 90'

Hmm, what could it be_ Take a guess 😜_.

Grindr (and other concerns) is an evening-length chamber opera currently in progress. It is adapted from the original play of the same name written by MJ Halberstadt, who is also the librettist. We are collaborating on this project as a part of the Advanced Writers Lab with the New Opera and Musical Theatre Initiative (also known as NOMTI).

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Grindr (and other concerns) offers an irreverent and intimate look at the politics of sex and dating in the age of gay dating apps. Riley and Eugene are a perfectly content couple, thank you very much – but their desperately single friend Brandon frays at their nerves. In order to avoid more complaints about being “third wheel”, Riley persuades Eugene that they should indulge Brandon’s exhaustive consideration of his options on Grindr. When Riley stumbles on the profile of Eugene’s attractive co-worker, the sore spots in their relationship become exposed – and the pair adopt an untraditional approach to confronting their insecurities in order to save their relationship. Finally, the naughty opera about hook-up apps you’ve been “looking” for.

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