Kindertwist (2013)

for soprano, piccolo/flute, Bb clarinet, piano, violin, cello

Text adapted from children's songs by the composer

Duration: ca. 14'

Premiere: TBC Concert Series ::: September 2013 ::: Boston, MA

                  Danielle Lozano, soprano

                  Allison Parramore, piccolo/flute

                  Diana Searle, Bbclarinet

                  Nicholas Place, piano

                  Nicole Parks, violin

                  Byron Hogan, cello

Performance History:

  • The Secret Opera ::: May 2014 ::: NYC

  • Graduate Recital ::: May 2014 ::: Boston, MA


Kindertwist is a collection of miniature dramas inspired by macabre interpretations of children’s songs. They not only exploit the innocent nature of nursery rhymes, but analyze the tense and crazed mentalities of the individuals dealing with these various scenarios. ‘Three Blind Devils’ portrays nature vs. woman as a woman tries to eradicate vermin from her home in order to maintain her sanity. ‘Missing’ explores the inner and outer demons of an older woman who recently lost her dog. ‘Rock-a-bye-bye’ magnifies the cacophonies of a new mother’s tribulations to get her stepchild to fall asleep. As her mental capacity teeters and totters ad nauseum, a glimpse of impending doom hovers ahead on the horizon.

Kindertwist 1 website.jpeg

Premiere performance, September 2013

WEBSITE-Kindertwist Performance.jpg

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