Missa Brevis Brevis (2018)

for a capella SATB choir

Written for The Brookline Consort


Duration: ca. 11'

Premiere: The Brookline Consort @ Old West Church ::: October 2018 ::: Boston, MA

Performance History:


Missa Brevis Brevis addresses the idea that devotion does not necessarily need to be an elaborate, sprawling declaration of one’s beliefs. It could be a simple sentence, a mixture of shouts and whispers, or a meandering stream of thoughts that have yet to reach a solid conclusion. Whatever the case, the individualistic nature of our faith is both incredibly clear to ourselves yet undeniably difficult to express to others.

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Marc with Carey Shunskis, Co-Artistic Director of

The Brookline Consort

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Interested in a perusal score? Click HERE and check for availability.