Mr. Twister and the Tale of Tornado Alley (2018) - children’s opera

for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone/bass-baritone and piano

Libretto by the composer

Duration: 30-35'

CAST: Mr. Twister, meteorologist ::: Baritone/Bass-baritone (G2-F4)

            Nortwind, wind of the arctic ::: Soprano (C4-Bb5)

            Southwind, wind of the equator ::: Mezzo-soprano (A3-F5)

            Bobby, Mr. Twister's grandson ::: Tenor (C4-Ab5)


Mr. Twister is a meteorologist who lives with his grandson Bobby in Kansas. The scientist explores Tornado Alley and chases storms for his research. Upon encountering the audience, he introduces himself and the basic science behind tornado formation. When Bobby asks to learn more about tornadoes, Mr. Twister uses his magic telescope to show the audience the different forces of nature at hand. Through his spectacular device, we meet the North and South winds. These sisterwinds decide to have a reunion in Kansas, signaling the impending formation of a cyclone. Bobby believes he is mature enough to go to Tornado Alley alone, only to be greeted by the reunion of the two sisterwinds. With the help of Mr. Twister’s safety tips, Bobby is not harmed by the tornado and is reunited with his grandfather.

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