Ne'er (2015) - monodrama

for soprano and piano

Part 1-Source Song Festival, August 2016

Mariane Lemieux-Wottrich, soprano

Lara Bolton, piano



Libretto by the composer, adapted from the children's book Peter Pan (1911) by J.M. Barrie

Duration(s): Part 1: ca. 14'

                     Short Version: ca. 30'

                     Long Version: ca. 40'

CAST: Wendy Darling ::: Soprano (Ab3 - C6)

Premiere: Sarah Hennessey Senior Recital ::: February 2016 ::: Boston, MA

                    Sarah Hennessey, soprano

                    Yukiko Oba, piano

Performance History:

  • Hartford Opera Theater (selections) ::: May/June 2019 ::: Hartford, CT

  • NANOWorks Opera (Short Version) ::: May 2018 ::: Delaware, OH

  • New Brew Chicago/Opera on Tap Chicago (selections) ::: Feb 2018 ::: Chicago, IL

  • One Ounce Opera (Part 1) ::: November 2017 ::: Austin, TX

  • New Brew Chicago/Opera on Tap Chicago (selections) ::: July 2017 ::: Chicago, IL

  • Opera on Tap Twin Cities (selections) :::March 2017 ::: Minneapolis, MN

  • Source Song Festival (Part 1) ::: August 2016 ::: Minneapolis, MN


A retelling of the classic Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, Ne'er explores the psychological journey of Wendy Darling during her adventures in Neverland. Pondering through various topics of age, childhood, and growing up, Wendy must decide if she will return home and remain a child or stay to comfort and mother the Lost Boys. Her individual relationship with Peter is further complicated as the dark past of the boy who never grew up is revealed.


NANOWorks Opera, 2018

Ne'er 4 website.jpeg

Premiere (Short Version), February 2016

Sarah Hennessey, soprano

Yukiko Oba, piano

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