Non Motus (2019) - micro-opera

for 2 sopranos, 2 mezzo-sopranos, and piano

Libretto by Ilana Fogelson

Duration: ca. 15'

CAST: Gerry ::: mezzo-soprano (B3-A5)

            Child ::: soprano (C4-A5)

            Deborah ::: mezzo-soprano (F#3-A5)

            Hannah ::: soprano (D4-C#6)

Premiere: Opera Elect ::: August 2019 ::: Boise, ID


In the crowds of early morning rush hour, commuters move across the same paved and painted causeways to reach a thousand different destinations. In this mess, we focus in on three specific vehicles, all moving in the same direction.

All looking toward their own endpoints.


In car one, Gerry drives to her job of twenty-plus years and undergoes her 7,500th mid-morning existential crisis. In car two, a Deborah and her young daughter drive to her Deborah's mother's funeral. Their car ride reveals the tensions between the driver and her own late mother. In car three, on a long road trip back home to visit family, a college student is in the midst of a more physical crisis--she's drunk too many energy drinks for her bladder to handle.

As tensions in the three cars intensify, and as traffic stops and starts around them, they only have one lifeline to inform them of their fates: their AM/FM radios with news of a potentially clearer road ahead.