over the rainbow (2011 - 13)

for string quartet

Duration: ca. 8'


TBC Composer Recital Series ::: March 2013 ::: Boston, MA

Additional performances:

Graduate Recital ::: April 2014 ::: Boston, MA


The process of coming out the closet is a taxing and individualistic challenge. It may come in numerous steps or a simple “I’m gay”, but in any case is a personal and frightening declaration to make, no matter who you are. Parsing through varying feelings of self acceptance and self disdain, the initial A section portrays an aggressive tone, attempting to work out and fully realize the main thematic material (“Somewhere over the Rainbow” from The Wizard of Oz). However, this theme is fragmented and manipulated throughout, never reaching a satisfactory completion of the original theme. The viola leads to a calmer section of continuing V-I cadences and an uncertainty of where they will end. Despite this false sense of calm, the material from the opening section returns, with the true nature of the piece (the B section) trapped within these harsh blockades and false realities.

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