Romp 2-1 website.jpeg

Romp #2: subdominant (2015)

for tuba and piano

Commissioned by Black Sheep

Duration: ca. 6'



Through much of their repertoire, the tuba and piano function as the accompanimental backbone for different ensembles (the tuba in the orchestral context, the piano in a variety of chamber settings). I thought it would be interesting to pair these two instruments together in a rough-and-tumble duel to see which instrument would gain a dominating presence through harmonic structure, melodic authority, and textural superiority. The perpetual switching of focus and attention between to the two instruments alludes to the inevitability that neither will prevail and their fight will continue ad nauseum.

Interested in a perusal score? Click HERE and check for availability.

Romp 2-2 website.jpeg