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I love the compact nature of brief musical gestures and the challenge to push those materials beyond their recognizable limits. This goes hand in hand with my interest in musical process: how do these materials change over time? How do we actually identify these musical moments and how do we know once these gambits have completely changed or evolved?


shard deals with these many ideas. I think about fragments of glass, maybe originally a vase or centerpiece, that were viciously torn apart from their original whole and scattered in a random manner. Like snowflakes, each individual piece of glass is unique and no two pieces are exactly the same. (These, however, are probably not as enjoyable to catch on your tongue). The many musical bits that appear follow this creed: similar music, but never the precise repetition of a musical idea.


Beyond the idea of characterizing different musical qualities that highlight the numerous aspects of shattered glass, the concept of erosion comes to mind as these jagged pieces chip away their originally threatening state. Do these dangerous morsels long to a whole state again? Or are they content being permanently ruptured?

shard (2016)

for Eb clarinet and piano

Commissioned by Sophie Kass

Duration: ca. 10'


Sophie Kass Graduate Recital ::: May 2016 ::: Boston, MA

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