There will be no more (2017)

for tenor and piano

Poetry by Pablo Saborio

Duration: ca. 20'

Premiere: OperaRox Productions @

                  National Opera Center ::: June 2017 ::: NYC

                  Max Vitagliano, tenor

                  Shawn Chang, piano


Using the poetry of Pablo Saborio, three main

ideas are examined: the conception of thought, the

questioning of others on our ideas, and the personal

acceptance of your own thinking.

1) Our initial spark or idea grows and manifests into something we did not think was ever conceivable. However, we eventually realize that the genius we believe we have bequeathed unto the world is actual derivative and belongs on the shelf next to every other ‘genius’ creation.


2) We hold our beliefs and ideas so dear that when others question them, we go on the defensive immediately to shield them from the reality of the world. Even if opinions and commentary on our creations can be very difficult to swallow, we must embrace them to understand the perspective of others. An idea existing only in your head can live a decent life, but releasing it into the world shows your true character and will test the core of your ideas.


3) There is a subtle bliss that comes when we finally accept the choices we have made, no matter what anyone else may think. We look forward to what the future will hold and how our act of creation may better the world we live in.


1) 'I have created nothing new'

2) 'The Nihilists'

3) 'My eyes and shiver'

Movements 2 & 3, OperaRox Productions, June 2017

Max Vitagliano, tenor

Shawn Chang, piano

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