vicissitudes (2017)

for bass-baritone and bassoon

Poetry from The Joyful Wisdom by Friedrich Nietzsche,

translated by Thomas Common and M.D. Petre

Duration: ca. 12'

Premiere: Chimera New Music ::: May 2017 ::: Boston, MA


Vicissitudes are the ups and downs in life; the many things

we expect and don’t expect. The text is drawn from the

prologue to Nietzsche’s The Joyful Wisdom known as

Jest, Ruse, and Revenge. While many of the poems have

an upbeat and quirky aesthetic, several of the poems

possess a more serious subtlety. These texts were less of an exploration of significant events, but more of a provocation of the many rights of passage and how to best navigate through all of the murky situations in life.

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